Latest Prices HTC BlackBerry iPhone in Saudi Arabia December 2010

Please note the latest prices from Nasa Smart Devices.

HTC: Windows Mobile Operating System

# Smartphone Model Price in Saudi Riyals
1 HTC HD7 3290 SR
2 HTC HD2 2490 SR
3 HTC PRO2 1999 SR
4 HTC HD mini 1599 SR
5 HTC Viva 850 SR

HTC: Android Operating System

# Smartphone Model Price in Saudi Riyals
1 HTC Desire HD 2990 SR
2 HTC Desire Z 2890 SR
3 HTC Desire 2390 SR
4 HTC Legend 1999 SR

BlackBerry Smartphones

# Smartphone Model Price in Saudi Riyals
1 BlackBerry Torch 9800 2590 SR
2 BlackBerry Bold2 9700 White 2090 SR
3 BlackBerry Bold2 9700 Black 1990 SR
4 BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 1290 SR
5 BlackBerry Curve2 8520 999 SR

Apple Smartphones

# Smartphone Model Price in Saudi Riyals
1 iPhone 4 (32GB) 3990 SR
2 iPhone 4 (16GB) 3690 SR
3 iPad (64GB) 3800 SR

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HTC Promotion offers for September 2010

HTC Promotion Offer, Price updates for September 2010

HTC Smart Devices Prices (Windows Mobile)

  • HTC HD2:             SAR 2490
  • HTC HD:                SAR 2200
  • HTC PRO2:           SAR 1999
  • HTC HD mini:      SAR 2190
  • HTC Touch2:       SAR 1490
  • HTC Diamond:   SAR 999
  • HTC Viva:             SAR 850

HTC Smart Devices Prices (Android)

  • HTC Magic:          SAR 1200 (Display units available in short quantity)
  • HTC Desire:         SAR 2499
  • HTC Tattoo:        SAR 999

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    HTC HD mini available at Nasa Smart Devices stores

    HTC HD mini is now available at all Nasa Smart Devices retail stores.


    Hold great craftsmanship in your hand with a unique design that is simple yet beautiful from inside out. Clean lines, compact form, and elegant construction give the HTC HD mini the looks that fit any place, time or circumstance. The HTC HD mini features HTC Sense – a user experience that is simple to use, amazing to look at, and loaded with valuable applications.

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