Nasa Smart Devices

NASA Smart Devices is a retail pioneer in marketing technology products for more than 20 years. It started its first line of retail business in the city of Jeddah spanning the whole country up to date. With 10 major outlets around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, NASA Smart Devices is considered the first largest national retailer for Smart Devices retailers in the region. It employs a team of specialized experts and highly skilled professionals in handling smart devices in terms of full product support, sales and marketing, maintenance and after-sales services. Furthermore, NASA Smart Devices provides an online secured transaction portal for safe purchase via the Internet, with door-to-door delivery service; in order to meet the demands of its customers living in cities which NASA Smart Devices does not have a showroom there yet.

NASA Smart Devices is the authorized distributor of HTC smart devices, providing its customers with state of the art smart devices and all their relevant accessories and fittings, including the provision of software programs, operating systems upgrade, devices software customization and Arabization. NASA Smart Devices provides all of this in order to meet its customers’ needs and requirements.

In addition, NASA Smart Devices is also considered as one of the largest distributors for BlackBerry smart devices. In addition, NASA Smart Devices is the only retailer that provides integrated services for this brand of smart devices, from software programming provision, to accessories and maintenance services.

NASA Smart Devices lives on the concept of “Walk-Out-Working”. Making it its prime objective, this concept delivers the perfect perception and requirement any smart device customer needs; a device that matches his needs and requirements, with no hassle, just after purchase and leaving the showroom.

The biggest asset for NASA Smart Devices is its stakeholders, which are its customers, vendors and staff, providing them with the SMARTER experience ever been introduced in the market. Customers will experience the SMARTER concept in every store through various services, starting from assisting them in their purchase decision, customizing their devices to meet their requirements, and after-sales services, and enforcing the Walk-Out-Working concept.

Furthermore, vendors supplying NASA Smart Devices with their innovative products will feel the SMARTER experience through proper management of their brands and ongoing marketing strategies developed by NASA Smart Devices to ensure optimum sales and market share for their products. Thus, NASA Smart Devices provide its vendors with a peace of mind ensuring that their products sales will remain as expected, and their brand leverage is kept in growth.

In terms of its staff, NASA Smart Devices provides the best training programs to keep them in pace with the rapid technological development in the field of smart devices as well as the development of their capacities to provide the SMARTER experience for their stakeholders.


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