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NASA for Pocket PC has opened a new branch in Al-Olya Street Al-Riyadh

Nasa for Pocket Pc, a leading PDA distributor in Saudi Arabia has opened a new showroom in Al-Riyadh city at Al-Olya Street

Olya Shop Opening cermoney

NASA for Pocket PC has opened a new branch in Al-Olya Street Al-Riyadh

NASA for Pocket PC has opened a new branch in Al-Olya Street Al-Riyadh

NASA for Pocket PC has opened a new branch in Al-Olya Street Al-Riyadh

NASA for Pocket PC has opened a new branch in Al-Olya Street Al-Riyadh

The fabulous ceremony was opened by Mr. Mohamed Tarik Alwash the General Manager of the establishment. This is the largest Pocket PC retail store in Al-Olya Street Riyadh that fulfils all the need of a modern PDA store.

“Nasa is the biggest organization dealing in Pocket PC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that has highly trained and skilled staff in this field” Said Mr. Tarik

He stated that all the branches of Nasa for Pocket PC deal with all models of HTC Pocket PC. Nasa provides full support for devices including Arabic support, device accessories, GPS setup, GPS Maps, Software packages, Medical Books, Interaction with Stock Market, Device Operating system problems and hardware problems.

Mr. Tarik Alwash mentioned that what distinguishes Nasa for Pocket PC from other retailers that its best after sale service, Immediate maintenance service that save customers from long waits and device replacement services, similarly best pre-sale service like flyer distribution, monthly newsletters, Nasa online blog and forum for customer’s questions.

Customers are key factor in any business so Nasa regularly collect user’s opinion and evaluate the level of customer’s satisfaction.

In a question about the Nasa service in the Kingdom reigns where no showroom exist Mr Tarik replied that People from whole Kindgom and even outside may take benefit from Nasa’s services by Nasa Online shop (www.htc-shop.net)
Where a customer can find everything that is available in a Nasa showroom. Orders from world-wide are accepted for shipments and there are many payment options available including Paypal payment system, Western union payment system, bank drafts or wired transfers. The objective of Nasa is to satisfy all the customers not only in Saudi Arabia but whole world.

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About Herbert Richter


Herbert Richter

Herbert Richter

Herbert Richter is a leading manufacturer and a renowned innovator of universal car accessories and mounting solutions for more than fifty years. They are well known for their superb design and highest quality. Today they are one of the leading manufacturers of mobile mounting solutions and inventor of Flexible Gooseneck and property rights holder manufacturing numbers of over one hundred millions units to date


As industry leader, before launching a new product, each product is subject to stringent tests by external laboratories to ensure that products meets most requirements of consumer needs. All materials used in manufacturing process comply with RoHS and WEEE environmental standards

Herbert Richter mounting solutions utilises approved 4 prong ratcheting system, which can be instantly attached to Herbert Richter’s PDA/Smartphone/Mobile phone holders. You only need to choose the holder and either a Universal Mount, or PDA specific mount. Combine them together and install it in your vehicle

To Buy a variety of Herbert Richter accessories please visit Our store. www.nasa4ppc.com

Virgin Saudi Arabia to sell HTC products throughout KSA

Virgin Mega Store the region’s multi-brand Retailer for Books Movies Music Mobile Devices Electronics and many more has today announced a new partnership with NASA Est

The partnership will see Virgin retail HTC Pocket PC devices and NASAs own Brand (Lion) Mobile Phones and a full Range of Apple iPhone 3G Accessories

Mr. Rabih Darghouth Virgins GM and Mr. Tarik Alwash Gm of NASA

Mr. Rabih Darghouth Virgin's Product Manager and Mr. Tarik Alwash Nasa for Pocket PC's General Manager

Nasa est

Nasa est

About Nasa est

Nasa for Pocket PC was established in 1989 over the years they had built a positive reputation by carrying out our commitment of excellence and perfection, we always provided our customers with the latest devices and the best technology available. NASA are the leading name with the biggest market share in the Pocket PC Business in the Kingdom

Nasa  provide excellent service and problem solving support. Dependable and reliable customer service and after sales service Distinguishes NASA from other Distributors or retailers



About HTC (High Tech Computers)

HTC’s groundbreaking devices represent the latest in mobile convergence for both consumer and enterprise audiences, and underline HTC’s commitment to developing innovative, appealing and category-defining form factors and applications. HTC has designed, manufactured and marketed smart devices for the last 10 years, and is the world leader in PDAs and smartphones. HTC is well known in the industry as the company behind many of the most popular operator-branded devices

Virgin Mega Store

Virgin Mega Store

About Virgin Mega Store

Virgin Stores is opened in Saudi Arabia in November 2008,  It is located on Tahliah Street in the Roshana Centre in Jeddah

Virigin Store

Virigin Store

ناثا تحتفل بمرور عشرون عاماً من النجاح وإرضاء العملاء

Nasa for Pocket PC has successfully completed its 20 years of Business and Customer Satifaction.

ناثا تحتفل بمرور عشرون عاماً من النجاح وإرضاء العملاء