iPhone, BlackBerry and HTC prices update March2010 Saudi Arabia

Following are the prices of latest Smart Devices.


HTC Toudh HD2 : SR 3290.

HTC Touch2 : SR 1699.

HTC Touch PRO2: SR 3290.

HTC Diamond2: SR 2590.

HTC Touch HD: SR 2990.

HTC Cruise2: SR 1990.

HTC Diamond Bundle (Black OR White) (including car charger and additional battery) : SR 1900.

HTC Viva: SR 890.

HTC P3300: SR 990.

HTC Magic: SR 2399. (With STC 1 GB Monthly data package, free for a whole year)

Apple iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS 32GB: SR 3590.


Blackberry 8520 Curve2 : SR 1180.

Blackberry 8900 Curve : SR 1690.

Blackberry 9000 Bold : SR 2190.

Blackberry 9000 Bold White: SR 2290.

Blackberry 9700 Bold2 : SR 2490.

Company has right to change the prices without notice. Please note that exchange rate for Saudi Riyal with US Dollars is..

1.00 US$ = 3.75 SR


جميع الفروع ناثا لكمبيوتر الكفي


فـــــرع الـــمــــرســـــلات

تـــقــــاطـــــــع طريق الملك عبدالعزيز
مع شارع هشام بن عبدالملك . ت : 2693456

فرع السليمانية

شارع الأمير ممدوح بن عبدالعزيز
(الثلاثين) . ت : 4643766


فرع حي الروضة

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